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Neat Side Projects No. 5

Side-Project Introduction: Help others accessing the Tor Network using a extension, make your website faster by pre-fetching content while idling and earn money with users solving captchas.

Neat Side Projects No. 4

Introducing: An open source library to map your Google location data out, “Close my Tabs“ - a browser extension to stop drowning in tabs, “Read Shit Faster“ - a website+extension helping you to read faster.

Neat Indie Projects No. 3

Introducing: “Ecosia“ - the search-engine that plants trees, “Wavenet for Chrome“ - a browser extension to generate voice outputs, “Kimai“ - a comprehensive self-hosted open source invoicing application and more

Neat Indie Projects No. 2

Introducing: “TrackThis.Link“ - Mess around with analytics data, “Darkmode.js“ - Darkmode as a JavaScript Library, “FlatGA“ - a simplified dashboard for your Google Analytics data, and more