Brain Dump #2: The AI Future we are looking at

Brain Dump #2: The AI Future we are looking at

Peter Thaleikis

Peter Thaleikis

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by Peter Thaleikis

GPT-3 can already write, design and code. DALL-E is generating images faster and more creative than any human ever could, at breakneck speed.

If that's not enough to impress you, the next (or following) iteration will blow us all out of the water. Google has already trained the next generation model of a GPT model. Computing power gets cheaper and easier to access. From here on, AI will only become exponentially better and continue to outpace humans.
In a market economy, these AI-driven changes will drive the cost for writing and translations down to almost zero. Writing will become a hobby, not a human-dominated business. Same goes for web-design, a significant part of software development, etc. Many traditional human jobs will be eliminated and will turn into either a hobby or sport, depending on the type of activity. Check out this video from a couple of years back that had already predicted this.

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